alternative investment blog pictureAfter working several years in the investment world, InsideTrade LLC was established in 2008 with the goal of becoming the largest alternative investment site on the Internet. With the huge number of alternative investment firms online you may ask, just how did we plan on accomplishing that? Well, it was very simple. With thousands of companies offering “high yields”, there wasn’t one website with unbiased education on the risks and rewards of alternative investments!

With recent growing interest in alternative investments, we felt education was the missing piece to the puzzle. In the alternative investment industry, it was clear that aspiring investors, brokers and traders needed some help. Many continued to make poor investment decisions due to unreliable information and inexperience. With this in mind, we bit the bullet and set out to find the TRUTH about the alternative investment markets. Our goal was to extract details only an “insider” would know, and once we succeeded, we’d communicate these tips to our readers.

To Accomplish this Challenging Task, We Completed a 5 Stage Process:

First, we created a unique networking strategy, focusing on passive and active lead generation.  This allowed us to tap into hundreds of alternative investment firms with similar interests. In addition, we created several qualification techniques to filter out less than genuine opportunities. By screening new contacts, we were able to work efficiently and aggressively. As we found out, you must have experience, procedures, and a large lead base, or it can be quite tough to succeed.

Second, we spoke with thousands of professionals in each market and developed very unique relationships. By finding so many contacts, we avoided the typical learning curve, allowing us to see the business for what it was. Also, while meeting many of these professionals, we learned inside tips, lingo, ptifalls and a lot more. As you would expect, this was very helpful for beginners like us.

Third, after years of aggressive networking, we found a trustworthy mentor in several alternative investment markets. This was the most important part, since it allowed us to learn from someone who was already successful. By watching their daily operations, we finally put the final pieces of the puzzle together. With all of the knowledge we attained, it became easy to see why few succeed.

Fourth, we engaged in even more alternative investments, succeeding as a consultant and investor. This gave us the intricate detail and experience associated with real transactions. Also, it gave us experience with transactions that didn’t go well. In all reality, these failures were just as important as the deals we closed. At this point, we understood the true importance of education. Without it, it felt like we were stuck in quicksand.

Fifth, we became successful in various alternative investment markets. Since we’re very grateful for our mentors, we’re teaching you everything we learned on our path to success.  By reading our articles, you’ll understand how to invest, broker, and trade in the alternative investment markets. As you’ll see, through Internet education, anything is possible.

At InsideTrade LLC, our experience as an investor, consultant and trader, helps us to portray “reality” to our readers. We invested several years into understanding the markets, and now this Blog has become the product of our experience. Hopefully, information at your fingertips, we’ll save you time and money, while teaching you invaluable tools for your future.