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Beware of the Project Funding Investment Scam

Over 7 years ago, when we first started working in the private placement business, it seemed everyone had a project in need of funding.  Though many of these projects possessed great intentions and innovative ideas, very few had sufficient capital to invest in a real private placement program.  With this obstacle in the way, most in the PPP market failed in their attempts to access project funding, leaving brokers and investors frustrated.

In today’s PPP market, things have stayed the same in some ways and are very different in others. After watching the demand for project funding skyrocket, many unsuccessful PPP brokers had enough.  With a growing number of investors looking for project funding, PPP brokers started to look for a way to capitalize on this demand, whether it was ethical or not.

In this article we will explain viable ways to fund projects, while alerting you of a few scams that are far too common in today’s private placement industry. As most people know, the typical way to fund large-scale fund projects is by investing in private placement programs. Unfortunately, many investors now think there are other methods to fund projects, seeking new “programs” with lower entry requirements.  As you’ll see, in most cases, these smaller “alternatives” turn out to be scams.  To help you spot them the future, we have provided a great list for our readers. Covering five of the most common scams in private placement, it gives you everything you need to stay safe and productive. Scroll down and take a look!

Project Funding Scams

SBLC Leasing Scam:  In recent years, the SBLC (Stand by Letter of Credit) has become very popular in the private placement business. In most cases, “providers” claim to have the SBLC issued from the bank for a small upfront fee. Supposedly, once the SBLC has been received by the investor, they can use it as collateral for private placement and other opportunities. Though this sounds great to naive investors, the truth is, SBLC leasing never works. First of all, SBLC’s are not discountable instruments, and no bank will “cut” an SBLC for a small upfront fee. Second, if the investor plans to attain an SBLC, they must give the full value to the bank before they issue it.  In short, you can’t walk into a bank with 1M and get a 10M SBLC. Despite what many PPP brokers may claim, leased SBLC’s are not the way to go, no matter what type of transaction you’re pursuing.

Bank Instrument Leasing:  The concept of bank instrument leasing has been growing in popularity since 2000.  With more and more PPP brokers entering the business, it has become a niche that has polluted the private placement market.  The problem is, leased bank instruments can rarely be used in transactions, whether it’s private placement or otherwise.  Think about it, could you take a leased car into a bank and get a loan against it? The answer is obvious. Since you’ve only leased the asset and do not have full ownership of it, no bank accept it as personal collateral. Though many eager brokers may tell you otherwise, bank instrument leasing can only serve as proof of temporary collateral, and NOTHING else.

Small Private Placements:  As we have stated in past articles, private placement investments require a large amount of capital to invest. Though there are programs which require smaller amounts, the truth is, you still need to have a lot of money to invest in private placement.  In most cases, the investor must have 100M or more in liquid assets to even apply. Unfortunately, every investor seems to have interest in private placement, and due to this growing demand, brokers now see it as an opportunity. In today’s private placement market, ironically, you hear of more small programs than you do large. In fact, the PPP business has now become horribly polluted with “small programs” and “small investors”, both looking for something that doesn’t exist.  Do yourself a favor, if you don’t have 50M+ in net worth, chalk it up!  Even though other alternative investments may be great for you, PPP is only beneficial for those with sufficient capital.

Joint Venture Funding Scam:  In recent years, I’ve started to hear about a project funding scam which is a little trickier than most.  In this case, the “JV” partner leases the instrument to the investor for an upfront fee and a portion of the PPP profits.  Since most investors are new to private placement, they feel encouraged to move forward with the leased instrument since they are “partnering” in a private placement investment. In addition, the investor feels comfortable because conversation typically shifts to the high yields of PPP, taking attention away from the instrument leasing process. The problem is, most private placement investments never turn out as planned. For example, if the program didn’t perform, the investor would spend 400k+ for a worthless bank instrument while the provider kept the leasing commissions. Though this may sound far-fetched, it’s become a common “back-end” scam in PPP, and there is little to no recourse for investors.

Upfront Fee to Fund Projects:  If you are trying to fund a project, you should NEVER pay an upfront fee to attain funding. I don’t care if they have “sample funding letters” and “proof” of past funding success, it’s never worth it.  We have been in the business for several years, and we’ve only heard of a few successful funding opportunities that required fees.  We know, you may love your project more than life itself, but you should always take a step back and be smart.  If you do choose to pursue a project funding opportunity with fees, make sure to ask yourself a few questions before hand. First, what proof does the funding provider have of their performance? Second, where is the money going, and how do you get it back if funding doesn’t occur? Third, do the fees, time frame and other details sound feasible? Last, does the funding provider have references from past investors?  If you ask yourself these basic questions, it should always be any easy decision.

Though project funding scams come in all shapes and sizes, we have listed the most common schemes above. With the desperation of PPP brokers growing, unfortunately, project funding scams are on the rise.  Since very few brokers in the private placement business are closing deals, many of them try to make commissions in any way possible. Whether its by sugarcoating details, or putting investors in harms way, its all about the paycheck for some brokers. For this reason and others, please be safe, because greed is a key variable in every private placement transaction.

In summary, the private placement market has become flooded with funding scams over the last decade. Though these scams are everywhere, the truth is, you CAN still be successful. In most instances, the first funding provider will NOT be the right pick, so stay patient. Remember, you never want to become desperate or anxious, or you can put yourself at great risk! You may want your project funded immediately, but the fact is, it’s never worth rolling the dice.  Ask yourself, would you put 400k+ on one hand of poker? The answer is simple, just like identifying scams should be after reading this article…

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  • Hussain Saber said:

    many thanks for your information as I am trying to fund my project I am browsing and askong many comanys the uncer is they ask for business plan and afret receiving they say its good project and then they make agreement and tilling me sighn and give us your bank account etc. after that they will say I have to send them fees for transfaring the fund its come immediatly that if they are ready to give me so much money for funding they cannot take care of small fees for bank expenses
    immediatly I stop dealing with them or I ask them to take care of expens once I git the money in m=y account then I will pay then they will got angree and stop contacting

  • Bjarne Soegaard said:

    Thank you for some great insight. I have previously been scammed by socalled lenders and paid up-front fees. Much wiser and poorer. Any good idea to how to obtain funding for a real estate and hospitality project in a new virgin area og Mexico?

  • sulevss said:

    Very good info.I do not agree with one point:$1M PPP is real.But not less. :) And there is not upfront fee.

  • Sohail said:

    The financial consultants has to prepare projects for the lender to approve. In order to get the funding approved from the lender, the project has to be professionally presentable and most of the project owners has no idea what the lenders wants. It is obvious the consultant has to do time to prepare the documents on behalf the client and mind you the time is money. So it is their right to ask for money for their time.

  • Sohail said:


    If the project formated professionally with exit strategy, it is doable and lenders would consider it.

    If you have any project, please contact us at

  • Tracy said:


    I want to know more about it.

    Thank you.

  • Penny Stocks said:

    Very well written…i am one of your regular readers… Thanks

  • internationalprojectfinance said:

    Not every project funding offer is a scam. We use a law firm in Los Angeles and a face-to-face meeting with the funder is mandatory as part of their full disclosure policy. A payment bond is also available to protect any funds paid to the law firm to generate your financing. If you need $2.5 million and have at least 10% hard cash, we might be able to help:

  • Bryce said:

    Is there any ligitimacy at all to SLBC funding of projects? Has anyone actually funded a project using a SBLC? I am an intermediary in Utah and have been approached by a group claiming to have this ability and could help in closing large acquisitions.
    I have a finance and investment background and I struggled to grasp the terminology and lingo. The concept just doesn't make sense and I'm a smart guy.
    Anyone have any positive experience with this at all?
    Bryce J. Salt lake City

  • Charles said:

    I may beable to help alot of you looking to obtain funding. We have a mandatory face to face meeting at one of our offices after your project has been reviewed and approved. The funding can range from 5 weeks to 16 weeks approx. depending on the project. If you would like more information please send an email to

  • Steve said:

    website is dead….typo or already out of business?

  • ande6188 said:

    What about funding for projects in an american sanctioned country worth 1b-5b?

  • ande6188 said:

    I agree, the consultant knows exactly what & how its best for a project to be presented in order to have a higher margin of acceptance by investors/lenders.

  • YingYang said:

    200 US Banks had closed down since the financial crisis.
    Is this time to borrow big and do big?
    You take risks in a growing economic and not is the down spiral economic.

  • Arno said:

    TOM McKenzie and MICHELE BARRETT – I came across a guy named Tom Mckenzie and his daughter Michele Barret both living in Canada that is a real thief. He lives in Vancouver and she lives on the Niagar Falls side of Canada.

    They run an almost impossible due dligence scam that gives tem an "out" after they take fees. They call this a SWAT report. The guy that does this report sounds like a "plant" for the scam.

    Stay away from these people! Mckensie changes the names of hs companies and has others do the pitch for him but he is a slick thief that needs to be put in jail. He uses other funding companies to make the entree making this look like a legit funding deal. BEWARE!!!!!

  • Alex said:

    I would like to know more about it,please.

    Thank you!

  • C.E. said:

    Have you ever heard of HILARY C . WITHFIELD, or BDPworldwide? are these names trustly? have you ever been economically hurted by hem? I was introduced to them and I want to confirm thar they are reliable or not.
    please somebody help me

  • Sylvia Vo said:

    I've an investor that have a new monitized program that garaunteed to fund in 15 days. This process skipped the leasing of the instrument, it go straight to monitizing the instrument. There is no upfront fees, or dudiligence fee, there is an entrance cost into the level of your choice. For example: $750k entrance cost to $10M instrument with cash back at $4M. you can re enter into the program 3 times. The entrance cost is double garaunteed: performance garaunteed and insured by instrument. This program is brand new. You will see that into today's financial market, no one garaunteed anything. If you are interested, please contact me at

  • sylvia vo said:

    Bryce, a couple of my clients have the opportunity to fund their sblc, through different entities. Like all business, there are risk. It's up to the borrowers to do their dudiligence.
    Majority of sblc fund in 10-20 banking days, it depending where the fund are wired from. If it's off shore, funding take atleast another 30 days.
    There are good sblc funder out there, you just have to do your home work.
    sylvia vo

  • sylvia vo said:

    I work closely with a bank that fund project using CD program. The bank will pay for all dudiligence and their points are collected from the proceeds. What they required to enter into the program is a non refundable collateral to start the financing. The collateral is insured. for every $100M CD = $80M in financing= $750K of non refundable collateral to start the program.
    they will fund 100% of the project using both financing and JV. They usually JV at 25-35%, depending how desirable the project is.

  • Shiv Sharma said:

    Hi Sylvia,
    Thanks for this piece of positive information in the ocean of unsuccessful attempts to fund projects through various brokers, most of whom gave scandalous experiences. Can you please elaborate on the CD program? Do you know of a program or a funder which does not charge upfront fee but will fund project on its own merits – which can be a combination of Equity and Debt financing? I have a couple of projects and am still looking for a reliable funder (with track record or reference). Can you please help?

  • Brown Camelot said:

    Goof info but your weblink does not work. Please correct it.

  • Darvi said:

    Has anyone heard about North Star Fy=unding Solutions or tts principals Yasuo Oda, Tom Ellis I am trying to keep a client from doing business with them but if they are legit.

  • Smeagol said:

    You guys are funding projects or know how complex bank trading programs work, yet you don't know how to spell? Anyone considering working with anybody mentioned above is a fool.

  • sam said:


    I have several inquiries for good projects. If you can send me brief procedure I would be grateful.

  • sam said:


    Have you done any programs with them. I have small investors who like to consider the service.

  • jahan said:


    Most are full of scam and it's really tiring for honest people .
    I'm looking for loan don't care about pourcentage and don't care about ppp /
    I Only want to built my project : the project is quite huge that the target is to be mediatise .

    So any real investors is welcome .

    KInd regards

  • MARK said:

    Has anyone heard of FAIRHAVEN INTERNATIONAL LTD from TEXAS??? ( They ask for upfront fees, first a small amount (about USD $26K) then they add up extras and they end up requesting almost half a million for a 20M fund request.
    PLEASE give me some feedback if possible..

  • Dwayne said:

    Hi Jahan,I hope your business or project goes well with high yields and steady returns. I myself am taking that leap and am going to put all my time into it.

  • DRJ said:

    Thank you…I was thinking this all along.

    Looks mostly like scammers here trying to sharpen their skills.

  • DRJ said:

    Cardinal rules
    1. NO UP FRONT FEES EVER, for any reason.
    2. SUBMIT all documents and receive COMMITMENT letter, meaning they have approved a loan. 3. The commitment will have CONTINGENCIES, each of them MUST be SPECIFIC. A statement of "contingent on APPRAISAL" is NOT acceptable. It must state something like "a Loan of up to XXXXXX is approved based on a 65% loan to value of appraisal of (stated property to be appraised).
    4. NO loopholes for your lender, the letter of approval MUST BIND THEM.
    5. all dates and time requirements MUST be contingent on third parties. For instance, if the Commitment states that the loan must close by DATE and requires an appraisal…the lender chooses the appraiser and the appraiser cannot perform in time….then the contract MUST automatically extend itself. The borrower can never be placed at risk by a third party or the lender. This is another standard scam point …making impossible requirements…make sure that the commitment is flexible…for that flexibility things like "locked rates" may be allowed to change by a very small percentage…however if current rates go down the lender must move down.
    5. ONLY after the commitment can you allow your client to pay for ANYTHING. The ONLY things your client can be allowed to pay for are
    a. THIRD PARTY SERVICES such as appraisal and surveys etc.
    b. NEVER PAY FOR "business plan review or the purchase of a new business plan etc…." these are scams by the :lender". Also they put YOU at risk of being sued. You are making your client change his business plan..and if he fails..who is responsible?
    c. NEVER pay for any lender employee to "visit the site" or travel in ANY way to "APPROVE" anything. NO lender has anyone that is that important. IF they need to look at the books, hire a local accountant. If they want to know about the property, an appraiser and title company or even a local engineer. THERE IS NEVER A REASON FOR A LENDER TO NEED TO GO ANYWHERE OR SEND THEIR EMPLOYEE ANYWHERE.

    IF you are seeking funds and not a broker, then the $$$ is yours. DO NOT RISK ANY $$$ to get $$$. That is not how it is done

  • Bryce said:

    What a bunch of BS.
    Noone is going to just let you borrow their CD as collateral so you can go build a shopping mall or a housing development or even a small tree house. It doesn't happen. Don't waste time money or gas exploring this stupid concept. All the web sites proporting to be able to do this are out of thier minds.

  • Terra.Raptor said:

    Very true. The veracity of their claims, made by these so called investors here, are doubtful since most cant spell to save their lives! Amazing! And most use a personal email id..Hmmmm …Makes me wonder!!!

  • @thejokerbrokers said:

    We written article and completely agree.

  • grupo karora said:

    first of all, any project that cannot justifiably pay for itself is not worth doing. If entering into a development project with equity in the property itself, simply utilize the equity to begin the process and draw off the newly constructed equity in completed structures and infrastructures. Note, hopefully prior to building you have a good marketing program that will generate presales to be placed in a seperate escrow account that could be used for collateral. 1. deposit bonding 2. surety bonding 3. warranty bonding !!!! These all have the minimum cost to obtain and ensures the customer of their financial interest.

  • Chris said:

    Hi Sylvia, please send me some more info on your 100% funding procedures

  • Chris said:

    Please send me more info on your procedures and what type projects can be funded

  • chris said:

    I have ; please contact me

  • robert said:

    We only ask for a $1500.00 100% refundable due-deligence retainer fee so the client doesnt walk away while we perform our due-deligence which should only take 1 week to perform then after we give back the $1500.00 retainer back to the client and SBLC contract is prepared for preparation for closing. If interested please email me at

    my Name is robert
    604 596-8685

  • Robert said:

    We only ask for a $1500.00 100% refundable due-deligence retainer fee so the client doesnt walk away while we perform our due-deligence which should only take 1 week to perform then after we give back the $1500.00 retainer back to the client and funding begins. If interested please email me at

    my Name is robert
    604 596-8685

  • Robert said:

    We can lease cashed backed instruments only if your bank will provide you a line of credit. If not its just a waste of time. We do not charge any upfront escrow fees or any upfront bank transmission charges. For able for a lease to be successful your bank would have to call for the instrument from our bank that they agree to pay the yearly fee and return the instrument after maturity then once we receive the Mt199 or Mt799 swift message from your bank then we will send the cash backed instrument into your account under your name then within 24 hours your line credit is activated against the instrument then you pay us the yearly fee.

    We only ask for a $1500.00 100% refundable due-deligence retainer fee so the client doesnt walk away while we perform our due-deligence which should only take 1 week to perform then after we give back the $1500.00 retainer back to the client and then contract is prepared toward closing. If interested please email me at

    my Name is robert
    604 596-8685

  • Robert said:

    We can lease cashed backed instruments only if your bank will provide you a line of credit. If not its just a waste of time. We do not charge any upfront escrow fees or any upfront bank transmission charges. For able for a lease to be successful your bank would have to call for the instrument from our bank that they agree to pay the yearly fee and return the instrument after maturity then once we receive the Mt199 or Mt799 swift message from your bank then we will send the cash backed instrument into your account under your name then within 24 hours your line credit is activated against the instrument then you pay us the yearly fee.

  • Philip Winner said:

    Hi Charles,

    This is a funding request, the executive summary will be sent.
    I think you will find it a great opportunity.

    No upfront fees will be paid.

    Thank you,
    Philip Winner

  • jat said:

    LOL…sounds like a big SCAM, why would you charge 1500 if you know someone's bank has supplied them with a line of credit against a SBLC? Sounds like broker BS

  • GGoff said:

    Darvi Please call GG 281-686-0000 Would like to exchange info

  • GGoff said:

    Please call GG 281-686-0000 Would like to exchange info

  • GGoff said:

    Please contact me – Would like to exchange info

  • Simon said:

    If you would like more information on a Private Placement Program please feel free to email me at Global Commodities Trading has access to a number of different platforms. On receipt of the customer information sheet the trader will accept or decline the application. If successful you or your lawyers will be invited to speak with the trader in their bank to discuss the terms of the program. There are no up front fees, everything is profit related and funds do not have to leave the account.

  • wheelie2xw said:

    Working with a group to secure funding for major 300M project. Collateral is registered bonds. Should have been smooth I thought but not. Any info on following names or companies would be great. When I google some of these names the finds are indicating scam. Start with Americana Investments LLC, Louis (Luis) Muro, Fundem Paymaster. Antonio Lanni, Danniel Fundem Paymaster, Louis Andre, Tony Alvarez, KDS Corporation, Jose Calderoni.

  • mmbgold said:

    I was involved in a transaction where there's an involvement with Americana Investments LLC/Antonio Lanni. Our client did not pursue on the deal because they cannot verify the validity of the transaction with escrow where the bond seller was supposed to deposit the bonds. I have not seen any transaction that successfully closed with them. There is nothing in the contract that says they can or will show proof of funds or past performance. Do you know..or does anybody know of a Buyer or Platform who can be transparent enough to show proof of their past performance or show POF? I would like to know how your transaction went with this company and the people you mentioned.. You can email me at Thank you!

  • Melinda Collins said:

    I am a commercial mortgage and financial broker in California and I do financing nationwide and some project financing worldwide. I can review your project summary and tell you what I can do to get it done. I always promote loan/funding products that Do Not Require Upfront Fees. I can be reached at…or visit my website and go to Financial Services section at Thank you!

  • Emilio Alvarez said:

    Wheelie, the Americana Investments LLC is just representated by Antonio Lanni, has the intermediate Mark Brown, all is a fraud, they just do not pay anyone, only promisses.

  • JackSaunders said:

    Hey wheelie, I am very interested in any info you feel comfortable in forwarding on this Company, and the "gentlemen" you named in your post. I have a couple of Clients who have been involved in some not-so-stellar transactions with these "folks", and my desire is to help arm them with a much as I can to go after them. Please shoot me a mail at your earliest convenience to Anything you can send, I'm certain they would appreciate! Thanks in advance, Jack D.

  • tim jensen said:

    Bryce ??

    Are you Bryce Sherwood??
    reach me at
    thanks, Tim Jensen

  • tim jensen said:


  • tim jensen said:


    I posted right around the same time you did. A friend of mine is being defrauded badly by these folks and their D.C. attorney. You can reach us for more info at

    First step is to demand the return of your bonds immediately.

  • tim jensen said:

    You are correct.

    When you see this posting, feel free to contact us for detailed info on where these folks are:

  • tim jensen said:

    we have info to help you.

  • Gobi said:

    Do you mean Mark Brown located in Spain?

  • Elroy said:

    Tom Ellis says anything to get a fee in his pocket, promised me the world, and changed the terms in the 11th hour 6 months later. They are frauds – PERIOD!!! Run Away!

  • BlueE said:

    These guys are criminals, pure and simple. They promise anything to get a fee into their pockets, and make no effort whatsoever to perform. My advise – Run Away!! They strung me along for over 7 months, and never got the funding I needed. Don't give them a cent. Tom Ellis will be jailed as soon as the FBI has completed their investigation, of this I have no doubt.

  • guinness said:

    we have placed on escrow in viena, va hundreds of mexican gold backed bonds four months ago and we have not got paid a single dime. contracts was signed with americana llc. please advise your comments.

  • Janet McClellan said:

    Or is it Mark Wylde in the UK?

  • Janet McClellan said:

    Or could it be Mark Wylde in the UK as his name has been linked with Antonio Lanni

  • Ivy League Guy said:

    It's simple. Do not release your escrowed fees until AFTER the issuing bank sends a SWIFT message MT700 or MT760 guaranteeing the delivery of your instrument.

    Do NOT release your escrow at a non-binding MT799. And do not release via FAX or signed letter.

    If the issuer or Broker refuses to do so, then walk away from the transaction. They're trying to steal your money and leave you with no recourse.

    Once you sign a contract, and agree to release your escrow prior to a MT700/760, then you're sh*t out of luck. You'll never see your instrument.

  • Vic Amponsah said:

    Hey Wheelie, I am a lawyer here in Los Angeles, and I have a client who placed over $5.5 B in cash instruments with americana investments LLC, Louis Muro. Muro was involved in the Mount Real financial scandal in Quebec, Canada (Canada's version of the Madoff scandal). Our client has been getting the run around for 2 years without being paid a dime! Any info you can get me on your experience/interaction etc would help.

  • Vic Amponsah said:

    Tim, I am a Lawyer here in L.A. and I have a wealthy client who had placed 5.5 B with of cash instruments with americana/louis muro (formerly uniti capital) almost 2years ago and has been receiving the runaround ever since. Any information you have on this entity and Muro (and his D.C. Attorney) would be greatly appreciated! I can be reached at and Many thanks.

  • Liam said:

    I spoke with Mark Brown, is a real and honest guy, inst part of Americana -Lanni-Mark Whyle.

  • Ronco said:

    This message is for Emilio Alvarez. I need to know more about Americana Investments LLC. I have a good friend who is dealing with this company and will like to find out what is your relation with them and why do you say that it is all a fraud. Please elaborate

  • Mark said:

    Hi Chris could you give me some information about North Star funding Thank you Mark

  • Mark said:

    Blue could you give me any info on North Star funding thank you

  • Consultant said:

    Your loan was approved , term sheet issued, conversation with CEO, they reduced your fee's.

    You were asking for a $40M loan and you couldn't come up with the $350,000 bridge loan that the lender was providing to you which by the way was willing to roll the points and SBLC fee into the loan.

    Your problem was that you THOUGHT you could secure a $40M loan without investing any money to do so.

    This is not the year of 2004, it's 2011 and you have to invest money to secure money.

    The good news is that most of the lenders and brokers are finally starting to weed out projects like your as you wasted not only 7 months of our time but also 7 months of the lender's time not to mentioned you cost the lender over $35,000 in processing fee's.

  • Jones Davids said:

    Hello Sir

    Funding on short term 1-5 years I'm in direct contact to Wealthy Individual investors who has establish a credit line up to 5B USD. For short term business such as Project Funding, Loan/ Equity Partnership, PPP JV Programme

    For client to benefit from this financial opportunity, we seek for companies/Individual who has profitable projects, and has no collateral to access funding opportunity from VC firms, the purpose of this PPP programme is to help investors fund their project by making good profit from secondary market, either with cash or bank instrument, but if investor is looking for fund to fund a project, where can such investor deposit fund for trading so as to make the expected millions, so at this point you need a bank instrument provider.

    You can get a minimum of $50M USD and a maximum of $1B USD The fund will be invested on trading PPP investment programme at 250% interest monthly for 40 weeks.

    We undertake Projects such as Energy, Real Estate, Construction, Oil and Gas, Health , and Education Humanitarian project preferable

    The JV sharing is as Follows:

    From 250% interest aernings of the PPP investment , the investor with project recieves 30% of the profit and this amount must be invested into the project , the rest goes to the trader, Taxes, Commissions and platform expenses, Your 30% will be converted to 100% and from this 100% i will be entitle of 10% monthly, this will be covered in separate agreement between us

    If you have a project of 100M dollars you require 50m dollars bank instrument to enter this programme the instrument must be new issue from a top American or European bank of which the investor must the tile holder of requisite instrument, because bank do not lend against leased property, so as leased fund or instrument, the trading platform will not accept leased instrument, You may decided to block the instrument with your bank while the trading is going on.

    You can choose the following financial instruments etc’’ BG, MTN, CD, SBLC Or collateral funding from your bank or lender the provider will issue the instrument so that it can be use for trading.

    This is an excellent opportunity for investors with project who is RWA to pay the prize which other successful firms in the world today paid, there is no short cut to peaceful funding or capital wealth creation.

    What is the prize to pay?:

    Any investor who has a dream will sacrifice any thing to see the dream come true, why not sacrifice $45,000 to $50,000 to get $100 million and more in 40 weeks,

    Why should I pay this amount ?: You require bank instrument of at least 500M to enter the programme, and a bank instrument provider will have to do this through rated banks, the provider will not charge upfront fee for issuing this instrument, and is not expected to pay the bank logistics fees. it take banks three to four day to establish this type of transaction. so if you are serrious the investor is expected to pay this little fee, further more the charge for the instrument will be paid by the trader because instrument will be send direct to trader, so they can pay whatever cost of the instrument as soon as in their possession .

    I know the trader and the Provider, so i m looking for interested partner to participate in this programme, if you find it interesting please reply with your full contact informations such.

    Full Company Name
    Project Title
    Bank Name/contact officer if available
    Awaiting your reply asap
    Thanks David
    Please Email reply to: (

  • Leonatd said:

    I would be interested in hearing more about this program. We are vetting a couple of these scenarios as we speak. We have not funded any of our clients projects through alternative sources because we want to protect their interest and not ruin our reputation. (not to mention lose money) . I look forward to hearing from you. (

  • Leonard said:

    send your information to We are doing a similar program but would like to discuss the project/performance bond portion to protect our principal's funds from scams.

  • Anyl said:

    Hello Sylvia,

    Greetings of the day. I am interested with your financial program. I need some more information about the aspects of the programs. Do you entertain international involvements. I am eager to have the information about being the part of the program.

    You can email me at

    Hope to hear soon.


  • Jeremiah said:

    No, there is no legitimacy to the transaction if the blocked funds are never at risk of being called upon which 99.9% of the time will be case. The SBLC isn't funded by the bank's own funds, but by the bank blocking the funds of one of their depositors. The depositor is the lessor and the person wanting to borrow agaist the funds for credit enhancement purposes is the lessee. Half the time the funds don't even exist, but even if they do, this doesn't resolve the issue that the lessor leasing the funds only does so for a fee representing 1-5% of the total funds, because they know the funds can never be called upon if the lessor defaults on a loan which is supposed to be collateralized by the leased funds. Think about it this way: Who would allow $100M of their money to be put at risk for a one time payment of $500K – $1M? NO ONE.

  • Jeremiah said:

    ^^^^ LOL. This guy is a cookie cutter example of a fraud.

  • patricia said:

    has anyone down business with the george sargeant/toronto or world swift/california in relation the SBLC leasing or JV funding

  • John said:

    People, this is all just a load of crap. Does anyone have any common sense?
    There is no magical way to raise money. It is fun to dream but, in the end is just a complete waste of time. I am assuming that most of these posters seeking 1M plus have no experience with RE and/or investments, no cash and their credit is sad too. Multi million dollar deals are not completed in chat rooms. Do yourself a favor and just google some of the stuff that is posted. Don't let anyone see you do it though. You will be laughed at. I started out small. First house I bought was 12K and on up from there.

  • mrk said:

    hey glim , he has called me for a meeting to fund a project here…??? advise?

  • @JLeeProgect23 said:

    Good morning,
    am an Italian boy of 28 years, married, and I have a daughter 17 months. I am looking forsomeone who invests money in my project. These three lines of fashion accessories. One in particular for drag queens. It 's all ready, there are only funds. As for confidence, do not ask and do nothing but clear terms for maximum availability to meet me and my project. I give up to 49% of the shares of the company that will create, and it will be a new Gucci.For myself, I am a professional with the experience of five or six different jobs figuresalways relate to the field of fashion. In fact, a company that uses its own number of people to do my job.
    Contact me, there is a chance to make money.

    matteo.nonnis @

  • michael said:

    Hi , what do u know about this guy ?
    i'm thinking of dealing with him


  • Josh said:

    The person posting this garbage is faked named and probably could not pay their car payment or rent. I have dealt with the company personally and have had success.

  • Josh said:

    See my post to "mrk" above.

  • Ninja said:

    Mr. Antonio Lanni is a FRAUD, so as Mark Brown!

  • Ashraf26 said:

    Please do not hestitate to send email to me if you have any project that need fund. We are group of funder with more than $100b of fund. We are professional about money. We have a good track record for funding the projects before and until now. We don't want to waste your and our time doing scam or con business deal. We are very interested to fund government project in Asia, Africa and Europe. If the project located at the other country and can give a good return,we will consider too. The project must have L.A from the federal government. The private sector project also will be consider if the project owner have a collateral or 10% cash from the project value. Minimum amount for funding is $E10m.

  • Ashraf26 said:

    Funder for goverment project all over the world. Email me

    Must have LA from the federal government. No need collateral. Min USD10m project up to USD100b.

    We are proffesional and have a good track record for funding project in Asia,Europe and other continent.

    Private project also welcome. Must have collateral or at least 10% cash from project amount.

    We offer among the lowest interest rate in the market.

    Firstly,please send me your project plan and other document related to my email. When we are full confident with the deal,then we can talk on phone.

    We appreciate your time and we also hope you will appreciate our time. Our time is more expensive than gold.

    Thank you.

  • wise owl said:

    i would love to hear from anyone who has dealings with Americana Investments LLC/Nathan Bregman/Mark Wylde/Brian West/West Law Group/Fundem and Antonio Lanni/Louis Muro.
    I have my instruments in escrow with the attorney Brian West of West Law Group since June last year with 4 different closure and payment dates all of which have been exceeded. I now feel uncomfortable and believe that the people mentioned above are all part of one big scam and liars. I would like to hear from others in the same position as me.

  • Tom Ellis said:


    It's been close to a year and I have yet to hear from the FBI. I did go ahead and contact the FBI Field Office in Baltimore and ask that they run my company name through their data base. Wouldn't you know, there was nothing in their date base. I also went the extra yard for you and contact the BBB. Again, no complaints. I would also like to let you know that I do have a lending license and North Star is bonded. The bottom line is this, you didn't have the required down payment which was $150,000 to secure a $44M loan when you told us that you had the money. Your loan was approved based on your false POF that you provided to us. It's clowns like you that if you don't get your way and your trying to secure millions of dollars and you wanted done for free. What even worse is clowns like you chat post what ever you want in these chats rooms and you never leave your true name or a contact number for companies like mine to respond to. In summary, do you really think the State of Maryland would provide me a license if I was being looked at or had complaints file with the FBI. If anyone would like to speak to North Star about this complaint from " Blue". You can contact me at 1-301-879-1774 . Respectfully, North Star Funding Solutions, Columbia, Maryland.

  • Mallikarjun said:

    wonderful work in helping eager people looking fof funds and overlooking the obvious. Your help will save many of us from getting cheated.

    Mallikarjun, Bangajavascript: postComment(0);lore, India

  • Shirley Smith said:

    I dealt with one brokerage firm – "First Trust Capital" in London last year and they are good and reliable for any kind of funding. You may try them if you so desire.
    Customer Service Email:

  • Olen said:

    $100B to lend and you use a free yahoo email account? How stupid do you think people are?

  • Olen said:

    Impossible. I am a legitimate investment banker and these rates are impossible to achieve. An associate of mine has been investigating these trading platforms for 19 years, and has never found one legitimate one.

  • olen said:

    You can fund projects buy cannot afford anything but a free hotmail email account? Cut me a break…and get a real job.

  • olen said:

    Do you approve anyone who can provide legitimate POF, regardless of the nature of the project? And, what does a mortgage license mean? Could mean you haven't been caught yet! If lawyers can get licensed, and then go to jail…having a license is meaningless. Sorry, but that's the reality of the situation. Also, I notice that your office is in a "virtual" office suite. Can't afford a real office and live staff?

  • olen said:

    Thanks, DRJ. Good points you make. We are commercial mortgage brokers, nationwide, and I am amazed at the garbage people believe from, pardon me, scumbags, out of despair and inability to get legitimate funding. They insist on believing that they can get someone to give them money to help them get pigs to fly…but they don't even own the pig!

  • Tito said:

    I am in the same position. I have received many promises of payment but to date nothing has been received. I am now proposing legal action against them and in particular to Brian West as the Attorney who has put his signatures to Payment Release letters. Surely, this amounts to Misrepresentation. Would you care to share the legal costs in the matter?

  • Rhys Williams said:

    We are direct provider of fresh cut bank instrument for lease/sale, such as BG, SBLC, MTN, Bank Bonds,specifically for lease with no upfront payment, at leasing price of 6+2 of face value, Issuance by HSBC London/Hong Kong or any other AA rated Bank in Europe, Middle East or USA.Leased Instruments can be obtained at minimal expense to the borrower compared to other banking options.
    Our BG/SBLC Financing can help you get your project funded, loan financing, please let me know if you are interested in any of our services, by providing you with yearly renewable leased bank instruments. We work directly with issuing bank lease providers, this Instrument can be monetized on your behalf for 100% funding.

    Warm Regards,
    Rhys Williams

    Lisa A law Limited

    Company Reg No:7141002

    Tel: +447045791980

    Fax: +44-7040902793

  • Guest said:

    I received an email from Paul Hendricks regarding BG funding for $1.5m. The funding will come from Thomas Ambrose (Carling Investment Limited) and they asked me to provide bank guarantee for $500000. But I could not do that.
    So he gave me an alternative option, Paul Hen send me a contract and asked me to pay solicitors fee of £2177.27. He sent me an invoice with letter head and name of Mcpherson & Co Solicitors (in a real deal solicitor normally contacts you not the broker).
    At this point I did not have any contact from solicitor or the investor. It all looks very real but I have a very strong feeling this guy is a fraud. I later did some research and found this guy (Paul) has two different email addresses and various company names. There is no link I found between Carling investment and Thomas Ambrose. I think Paul is using those company and solicitors name. If anyone else has same experience, please share.
    People like me should not fall for this trap and should not be greedy. If I can afford £2177.27 fees than why not use that as an investment for my small company. Greed kills…….

  • Holland Thomas said:

    YES!!! Please email me your contact information at This company is bad news. Has gotten clients into deals where they have lost MILLIONS. Have you done business with them yet? If not, don't. If yes, there is an attorney in Los Angeles handling a big case being initiated by many of his clients who were defrauded out of tons of money. I can give you firm and attorney info.

  • Donald E MacCord said:

    Has anyone completed the leasing of an SBLC and monetized it. Can some please confirm and provide contact information.


  • robert clapton said:

    We have direct provider for BG/SBLC/LC from top AA rated banks in the world. HSBC London or HongKong ETC our leasing fee is 6+2 Genuine brokers and Borrower only. Please contact Mr Robert Clapton Contact: Email: Telephone: +44-777-650-6313

  • Raza said:

    DEAR ROBERT, we have requirements for BG and SBLCs, Kindly send us your process and rates:
    Managing Director
    Mobile: 00971556802147
    Phone: 0097144502462
    Fax: 0097144502466
    skype: m.a.wahabraza
    Office: Al Barsha 1,
    8th Floor,

  • Raza said:

    Dear Simon, we have requirement for monetizing. please send details of PPP and contact us asap:
    Managing Director
    Mobile: 00971556802147
    Phone: 0097144502462
    Fax: 0097144502466
    skype: m.a.wahabraza
    Office: Al Barsha 1,
    8th Floor,

  • Pawan said:

    Is this offer still available. Can we do it from India? If yes, send us the procedure/details.

  • Robert said:

    Can anybody put light on FIC Finance India Limited is Fake or Not? They do project Funding and claim that they can provide Project Based Funding. Please throw some light on this issue as it is urgently required.

  • leonardo said:

    Good Afternoon, I have an interest in selling some 20 pounds Chinese bonds, 1913.
    I wonder of real interested to sell these bonds.

  • jim said:

    I am interested in getting a transaction done for a client of mine. Please contact me at if yu can direct me too a SBLC provider here in the USA. jim

  • JDH said:

    I agree, I've never seen so many people that are trying to fund projects in the ten's of millions and can't spell. There's a guy currently running ads in the NY Times and the WSJ. His name is Robert Clapton. If you talk with him he's so oriental that you cannot understand a single thing he says but give me up front money. Complete and total scam and how WSJ and NY Times can let this go one is shameful. Their ads been running for 6 months. I can't imagine how many desperate people have been taken.

  • CCI said:

    Has anyone heard of Provartis? Are they a legitimate capital source?

  • gary said:

    Sorry to hear your frustrations. i have programs for min 5m depending on the size of your project. no upfront fees and no moving of funds. you maintain control of your money always. I can be contacted at, let me know if this may help you.

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