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How to Complete “Due Diligence” if Investing in Private Placement

private-placement-due-diligence-investingWhen considering a private placement program, you always need to be skeptical of the people offering the opportunity.  Since there are only a few traders in the world, the chances of you finding even one real trader are pretty small. Unfortunately, most people looking for a program have the odds stacked against them from the beginning. With this in mind, we felt it was critical to explain common methods of “vetting” a private placement trader.

Private Placement Due Diligence Tips

1. Trust your Instinct

Always trust your gut feeling on the trader, and never let “high returns” distract you from the transaction at hand.  Also, be careful when trusting your “gut feeling”, and make sure you are following common sense, rather than greed and hope.

2. Trader Experience

When you first speak with the trader, ask him about his background, and what lead him to become a trader of bank instruments.   If you are well versed in finance or private placement, it should be rather easy to tell who has legitimate experience, and who doesn’t.  Also, ask them how they developed such unique relationships with top banks, and exactly how the profits are generated in these transactions. If you hit them with a number of questions, there is usually an obvious stumbling point that you may need to examine further.

3. Estimated Profits

If you ever hear a private placement trader “guaranteeing” profits, then hang up the phone. No one by law can guarantee specific profits in a private placement transaction, they can only state historical returns.  Though it may sound like the opportunity of a lifetime, it isn’t. Think about it, if they really were a legitimate trader that managed millions of dollars, they wouldn’t be breaking the law for just one more client.  Also, if you ever hear someone speak of returns higher than 50% per week, no matter what the size of the deal (ex. 10 B), it is likely to fail.  As you know there is an economic slump, especially in the international banking system, which has lead to smaller margins on trades, leading to smaller net profits to clients.

4. Business Standing

When you speak to the trader, collect their business information and the state they are incorporated in. Once you receive this information you can check the Secretary of State website, and make sure they are a legitimate business. At that time, it is also important to see how long they have been in business, and who the officers are under that corporation. Once you retrieve the information of everyone with legal interest in the company, you can then make sure there are no pending legal suits against them, and proceed to background checks.

5. Background Check

Once you have the information of the PPP trader and company, it would be in your best interest to use whatever sources you can to complete a thorough background check.  This check should be on not only the trader, but the others who are registered with the trader’s company. Also, it would be a good idea to check out the closest people to the trader who introduced you to the transaction.

6. Trader’s Country of Origin

If the trader is located within the USA, then you have a much better chance to recover any damages if something were  to happen. On the other hand, if the trader is located in Europe or overseas, it may be much tougher to organize and win a court battle, especially if you are not a European citizen.  In essence, your money is basically lost if something was to happen with a private overseas investment.

7. Trading Banks Involved

To complete the transaction, you will need to most likely SWIFT, or block funds in favor of the trader’s account. If there is a big name bank involved that’s a plus, but most of the time the trading bank is not huge (ex. not UBS/ HSBC). If there are smaller less known banks involved, don’t be worried, it’s normal.  The most important aspect to focus on is the country of the bank, if it is backed by other banks, its history, and the banks size in relation to other banks in that country. This will give you an idea if something disingenuous may be ready to occur, or if you are clear to move forward.

8. Change in Program Procedures

Make sure that the original process the trader described is the process you are completing. In many fake private placement programs, the “trader” or brokers may use the “bait and switch” technique. For those who don’t understand this strategy, it involves explaining program details in a biased manor which makes the client feel extremely comfortable, and then switching around the final steps at the last second.  Needless to say, this is dangerous, and is usually associated with fake private placement programs.

9. Private Placement Contract

Typically a private placement contract is a Joint Venture agreement where the trader gets a certain % of the profits(30-50%).  The thing is, the contract has no references to specific returns, and usually is rather vague as to the responsibilities of the trader, and what they are trading.  Once again, this is a sticking point for some clients, but if you understand the laws associated with private placement programs, you would understand why the contract is structured this way.

10. The First Few Payments

You will never know if you have a real private placement program until it has paid out far more than the principal that has been blocked, or conditionally assigned.  With this in mind, don’t celebrate until you reached this point, and always be diligent with your attention to detail. The basic rule of thumb is if the transaction isn’t smooth from the beginning, it is likely to fail in the end.

In summary, the private nature of these programs may make some feel uncomfortable, but the opportunity is out there to be seized.  If you are interested in searching for the right trader, just refer to the tips above, and you will be armed with information that will make your search far more efficient.

Be careful, and remember to follow your common sense, not hope and dollar signs!

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  • Janice Komaera said:

    Do private placement program traders have to be licensed or regulated by the SEC? If someone can let me know, that would be great…

    I am in a deal right now, and can not find the trader’s information under any regulatory body…

    Is this usual?

    Thanks in advance.


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    “No one by law can guarantee specific profits in a private placement transaction, they can only state historical returns.”

    This is only true for USA traders, European traders can guarantee profits.

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  • Glossary of Private Placement Program Terms | InsideTrade LLC said:

    [...] Due Diligence: Phrase referring to the process of qualifying people by verifying and investigating their background. This is used mutually by private placement traders and investors. [...]

  • tjnr said:

    Where can you find the laws regarding PPP programs , such as what can be stated returns etc.

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  • MC funds said:

    Jaime, this is incorrect. News is filtered to all traders via Bloomberg, Reuters, CQG etc. The time difference you mention is nonsense. Traders news feeds are measured in milisecs and not secs, this does not represent any advantage to any traders. If he is producing those returns he is either a good trader with a good audited track record from the exchanges or is lucky!

  • John Carrol said:

    Due diligence is tough to do in private placement, but not really in forex and futures if you have experience. Does anyone have any other tips on how to perform due diligence in private placement? Let us know.

  • Freempg said:

    The very name Private Placement has been coopted by a bunch of sychophant con artists. It used to stand for a private stock or bond offering made by an upstart company, in equity or debentures, to build out a business plan, prior to a public offering, allowing early investors to cash out if desired. What does the name mean now? Some esoteric paper shuffling done by about 200 people in the UNIVERSE and now polluted by paniced mortgage brokers looking to replace lost income. The banking industry and investors desiring to be conned are ruining the United States.

  • Freempg said:

    And the good guys can't find any money for a good idea. Me for example. I am a registered broker/dealer, hold a half dozen securities licenses, have a crystal clear record with FINRA and the SEC. I have been in the high frequency trading business as a founder and developer for over nine years. Now all of a sudden it's the hottest thing on Wall Street. I have reinvested my earnings developing an incredible trading platform (that's another term that's been corrupted) which we wrote from scratch. This is real software, servers, etc. It is capable of trading in nanoseconds and was tested live connected directly to NASDAQ while co-located at its data center. The algrorithms (strategies) we simulate are flat out brilliant and unlike anything i've seen out there. And our simulators are not rinky dink toys. Just one days trade data coming out of NASDAQ can be over 10GB in file size. Do you think I can raise a single dime? Everyone thinks its a scam You have no idea how frustrating reading these reals scams and cons is to me. All the money wasted. Sickening.

  • Freempg said:

    Laughable. You will never find a forex trader to the public who makes such returns. You may find some guy who works out of his basement with nice screens and a twinkling display. They may have a good week or a month. Rest assured you will be wiped out unless you set a strict limit on your losses. You should NEVER allow a trader more than a 25% drawdown. EVER. If you loose 25% of your money, if you do, or their simulations show you have to take such a draw down to achieve gains, get out. Better yet, don't get in.

  • Freempg said:

    Lucky? Maybe. Delusional, yes. The only speed advantage a forex trader would ever have is if he/she colocated a server of their own at a data center of a network aggregator with a smart router which routes his/her order to the best available offer from the banks, or better yet, build his/her own software interface directly into a few banks using the banks published APIs (specifications), and build a smart router for him or herself. Anyone want to do this? I'm your man. I build it all out for you. Even code your magic strategies using C++.

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  • Private Placement Programs, Are they Real? | InsideTrade LLC said:

    [...] extremely tough to screen, and even harder to succeed with. Over the last 10 years the once unknown private placement business has spread all over the internet, which has lead to a flood of inexperienced brokers into [...]

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  • Acchino said:

    Sooooo, reading through all these postings and having tried to get to the bottom of it all, spending months of wasted time, it wants to appear there is no REAL "trade group", "trader", "platform" – and whatever-else-you-got. It seems all shady, fuzzy, watered down by joker/brokers trying to make a quick buck off some greedy "investor".
    Now, having said all this: I am an investor myself, 1 Million €/$? Got that. 10M €/$? Got that much as well. I trade Forex for a living (40 years), doing well thank you – but age is getting to me and I'd love to have a simpler life ahead of me. I am an adviser to a wealthy non-profit organization as well, they do have cash and assets far beyond my own pittance of cash.
    So why does the whole world think that I am submitting my papers with highly sensitive information like CIS and bank statement, with passport copy attached – and all this then accompanied by some non-solicitation letter, request for exclusive service letter, and whatever else they come up with, and ALL THAT ADDRESSED TO SOME GHOST called "program manager". The worst I've come across is the request for +authorization of funds+ and again addressed to a ghost. Does any REAL investor ever do such a stupid thing? What do you think MY bank is telling me when some unknown entity or street broker calls the bank anonymously to verify the balance in my account? Then they possibly send in my letter to the ghost authorizing him to verify – and my banker will instantly call the nut house and have me locked up – and rightly so, for my own protection.
    I send out my information – and I want to KNOW who gets it, I want to KNOW what that persons relationship is to the "platform" – platform being about the fuzziest term I have ever come across. Anyone, so it appears, can "create" and call it a platform out of thin air, I believe I could do so myself.
    Someone educate me here, I am just a little guy with little cash compared to all these high rollers commanding hundreds of millions – but my cash is REAL and I worked hard for it in the last 40 years. It does not mean I lost my senses of what is right or wrong, and I fiercely protect myself.
    Someone let me know about something REAL and something I can hang my hat on?

  • Acchino said:

    Sooooo, reading through all these postings and having tried to get to the bottom of it all, spending months of wasted time, it wants to appear there is no REAL "trade group", "trader", "platform" – and whatever-else-you-got. It seems all shady, fuzzy, watered down by joker/brokers trying to make a quick buck off some greedy and/or naive "investor".
    Since I am not a broker but rather an investor, I care for my money. So this all starts with 1 M in €/$? Got that. 10 M? Got that too. I am a forex trader for 30 odd years and doing very well thank you. This is MY MONEY – and I am adviser to a non-profit organisation that has much more than my pittance of money.
    So why would an investor send his documents to some ghost who calls himself "program manager"? Why would I allow such unknown entity to "verify funds"? You know what my banker would do if he discovered that? For my own protection he'd call the Psych ward and have me put away – and he'd be right to do so.
    Can anyone enlighten me on this anonymous stuff? What is a "program manager" with no name? What do you consider a "platform"? That is about the fuzziest thing I have ever come across. Seems that anyone can "create" such thing out of thin air…… Everybody is "close" to the platform, all are "next" to the trader – and everybody wants MY PAPERS addressed to ghosts. Who in his sane mind would do such a thing? My account, my info in general is sensitive info – and I won't give it out to just anyone coming along with some claims.
    Looking forward to some educational mails – or so I hope. By the way, I am in Europe and would very much love to keep those transactions here as well. With MT 799 and whatever comes along I got no problem, I discussed this already with my banker and the legal department (who share my view by the way) Acchino

  • Acchino said:

    You mean to say that you consider FXCM a first rate broker??????? You gotta be kidding me. You can't trade this style, as you claim, if you're not connected to a true ECN/STP, ever.

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