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Hope, the Enemy of Private Placement Brokers

private-placement-brokers-ppp-1In every aspect of life, faith, confidence, and expectation are critical to accomplishing your goals. By believing in yourself, your positivity increases your chances of success.  Though this is a key principal to understand about life, if there’s one place you DON’T want to apply it, it’s the private placement business.

With the barriers in today’s private placement industry, the truth is, it’s very tough to close a deal. With little to no transparency, and tons of inexperienced brokers in the business, the odds are stacked against you from the beginning.  You may be saying, “Why all of the negativity about private placement investments”? Well, we just wanted to introduce you to your #1 ENEMY, “false hope”.

If you are a broker or investor, the private placement business is alluring for one reason, HUGE profit potential.  Though this is great for people who succeed, for most others, it leads to greed and irrational thinking. The fact is, EVERYONE thinks they’ll be one of the lucky few who profit in the PPP business.  Unfortunately, by ASSUMING you will be successful, you shift your thoughts to the financial reward, losing track of the realities in front of you.  Let’s face it, it feels a lot better to dream of riches and trust others, but the truth is, that’s NEVER the best choice in private placement.

To become successful in private placement, you must first develop the right psychological approach. By switching your focus from the reward to the RISK, you can create a view of the transaction that ISN’T tainted by greed or hope. This will help you prevent time waste, spot inconsistencies, and most importantly, it will dull the heartache when deals go wrong. Remember, controlling your emotions is one of the most important components of PPP, and without it, you will NEVER be successful.

In summary, though hope can be very powerful in normal life, it can be detrimental when utilized in the private placement business. Let’s face it, everyone dreams of closing the big private placement deal, but very few do. The reason for this is simple, most people focus on the financial reward instead of the transaction at hand. By chasing dreams rather than reality, your left with blinders on and NO checks to cash.  Once you educate yourself in the PPP business, and STOP believing private placement will change your life, you will finally have a REAL chance to close a deal. In short, do yourself a favor and ALWAYS remember, “Hope doesn’t close private placement transactions, education and diligence does”…

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  • Brian said:

    This is so true, I tried to broker private placement and it really can make you crazy. I still work in the business though because I know I can close one.

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