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Project Funding through Private Placement Investments

project-funding-private-placement-investmentsWhether you are a first time reader, or an experienced veteran of the private placement world, let’s all take a step back together to reflect.  If you can, try to remember the first time you ever heard about private placement investments.  Think about who told you, what they said, where you were, and most importantly, your initial “gut feeling” after the idea settled in.

Did you really believe that private investments like this could exist? Did you also wonder how world officials would allow such high profits?

Well, in this article we will provide the missing pieces to the puzzle, detailing the topic of humanitarian project funding, and its relation to private placement investments.

Over the last 10 years, there has become more and more demand for “project funding sources” in the private placement market. Though it sounds far-fetched, many companies now “promise” to fund almost any project, all for a simple “up- front fee”.  As you should hopefully know by now, the “up-front fee” is a classic red flag!  Despite what many undercapitalized project managers may want to believe, there is only one way to fund large-scale projects, investing in a REAL private placement program.

For investors with immense wealth, private placement can be an efficient alternative to funding projects in underdeveloped nations.  In fact, though many in the business are unaware, the major intention behind private placement is NOT to build wealth, but rather, to fund humanitarian projects. For example, you can build hospitals in a region riddled with illness, provide clean water to those in need, or one of many other related ideas.

Once you have finally found a REAL trader, AND have been paid out for a few weeks, project development becomes a necessity for any investor. Despite the common misperception, 60-70% of your profits MUST be put aside to fulfill your project funding obligations.  If you have a project you have developed, and can supply all of the planning documents required, your funding starts the day you receive your first profit disbursement.  On the other hand, if you do not have a project, the trader can usually refer you to someone in their network seeking funding.  Though many private placement investors may fail to acknowledge this obligation, the truth is, either you fund projects as a humanitarian foundation, or you will get shut down quick!

Now that you understand the project funding obligations associated with private placement investments, you may still be wondering, “What happens to the remaining 30-40% of the profits that are NOT allocated to project development”?  Well, we are happy to share some good news with you.  Though over 2/3 of your profit may be required to fund humanitarian projects in underdeveloped nations, the rest of the funds can be used for “administrative purposes”.  This portion of the profit is usually free to use with little limitation, as long as you are meeting guidelines with the rest of the money you earn. You may be thinking, this sounds great but what’s the catch? Well, there is one “catch” that is pretty important to know, you MUST have 100 Million dollars or more in liquid assets.

If you want to fund a project and do NOT have at least 100 Million in cash backed assets, sorry, but we are here to wake you from your dream. Though private placement programs can produce unsurpassed yields, the investor MUST have enough funds to allow the trader to purchase their own bank instrument contract.  By entering a private placement investment at a smaller level (less than 50M), you lose the discount associated with purchasing such a large note.  The problem is, with a smaller discount on the bank instrument, trading takes the same effort but produces half the yield, if you’re lucky…

With a topic of such critical importance to private placement, you would expect most people to already know the facts we have provided.  Though many brokers and investors may comprehend the basic concept, they’re not well versed enough to explain the guidelines and details to someone else.   By creating this article, we hope to have cleared up many of the common misconceptions, allowing our readers to understand the facts in an often fictional business.

To summarize, if want to fund a large project, please explore cautiously based upon your goals and liquid net worth.  To those with little capital, it’s not worth rolling the dice with some “funding scheme” when you have little to no chance of success.  In contrast, for those with sufficient wealth, private placement can be just the tool you need to fund your project, allowing you to offer a helping hand to others while profiting heavily!

InsideTrade LLC Staff
Phone: (949) 444-2111


  • fae said:

    do you need to have 100 million dollars or more in liquid assets in order to use the remainder of the funds that are not used for projects.

  • jimmy d said:

    The private placement business finally makes some sense after this article. Finally!

  • Swift MT 760 and MT 799, the Real Story | InsideTrade LLC said:

    [...] people know as much as you do after reading this article. Use it to your advantage to qualify the private placement investments you come across, and it will make life a lot easier.  Ask yourself, if someone can’t explain the [...]

  • boaz said:

    Thank you for your article on humanitarian funding. On the general blog I posted this question and want to ensure it gets to you. You mention that 65-70% of the profits from a trade must be invested in a humanitarian project. However, the taxes on trade profits will be around 35-40% (fed/state). That would leave at best 60% left over to invest in a humanitarian project and nothing for administration. How does the math work? I ask because I am a real estate developer who will have more than 100M CASH in the next 30 days and want to fund my developments but cannot get around this tax effect issue. I would appreciate your help. Thank you. Boaz.

  • Ilja Kipnis said:

    As far as I know the yield which is paid to investor is free of taxes (there is a tax paid from trader himself). But the Investments themselves will be taxed in the country to where they go. But here can be used well known constructions of Offshore companies. As an example: German Investor receives from trade over swiss platform 100% yield on his account in the trading bank ( for Example Credit Suisse). Now he wants/ought to invest his money in his projects in Germany. Here he must pay the tax about 49% of the invested sum as a German Citizen/company.

  • Ilja Kipnis said:

    On the other hand, he can open for Example Swiss AG in Zug and invest as Swiss AG to Germany, The taxes for a swiss company are about 14-20% or even less if the company status is "domicile". After paying these taxes in Switzerland Investor can invest "taxfree" into any world corner. This is the Reason, why all Hedge Funds or trusts are registered in Offshore Areas where the taxes are even less…Actually this is a direct task of so called audit-manager of the trading platform, who helps the client to organize properly his project funding after the ppp start. (Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions upon your ppp investment) mail:

  • Top 10 Red Flags for Private Placement Programs | InsideTrade LLC said:

    [...] the recent increase in private placement, project funding, and bank instrument related fraud, it is now more crucial than ever to identify suspicious [...]

  • Private Placement Investing, Pros and Cons | InsideTrade LLC said:

    [...] Fund Large Projects:  If you are a wealthy investor with projects, private placement is a great way to achieve your goals.  In fact, project funding is the main point of private [...]

  • Consultant said:

    I understand that the Fed, IMF, Swiss 2505 -Sub C Rules, ICC Rules, and every overseeing Tom, Dick & Harry, for some UNGODLY reason created an envirnoment of "By Invitation Only" and by so doing created an arena for the practice of every imaginable and beyond evil vice for thousands of "BROKERS" who "THINK" that they have connections to REAL platforms / clients; and some of these unsavory intermediaries have created sufficient damage for all of the Private Placement Platforms to be forced to shut down in the United States, relegating us to third world country type of platforms and if we think the fraud was rampant hitherto, God help us now – for as I also understand it from those who claim to be reliable sources; the world is presently missing $32 TRILLION Dollars of misappropriated funds from bad trades, and mostly via the Euroclear Screen To Screen transaction (gone wrong); that as I also understand is now illegal, (as of four months ago) !

  • Alberto said:

    I'm new in this field, and I've met alot people that propose to me many things, but at the end they just want to take some money, because when I tell that my attorney and my banker will get in contact than they change stories, many people unprofessionall in this kind of business…
    I'm a business man that have real projects, have real assets, but is short with cash so I'm looking for someone that will invest, or help me and my company…
    I'm able to pay a X % of money but only if my attorney and my auditors and bankers see that is something real and not creasy people that just try to make some illegal money…
    They even propose Lease BG, Bond, MTN to get in to programs, but after it is always same story, no reality and professional behind.

    So if you think that YOU are the person that I'm looking for and you think that you can proove how you and your company are, and of course as well on my side I must do, that you can contact me…



  • hypower said:

    hello to you
    your posting is 10 weeks old- is it still valid? (i t llc)

    proposals can be done by skype if you wish / utc+2
    lets get in contact
    best reg

  • richard said:

    Simple answer is you dont pay taxes on borrowed funds. Tax planning should always be a part of the overall business strategy. Contact me if your message is correct about having $100mm and possess working capital to complete the Compliance process all licensed financial institutions must complete on every potential new client worldwide by all banks, etc.. email:

  • anthony said:

    am new in these field , i am in mining industry, ihave several gemstone claims waiting to be fully exploited, my worry is ;am afraid to in co.oporate well finacialy sound guys for fear that one day they may claim to own the whole project. what in need is whoever is willing to share at the ratio of 40;60 to contact me , we sign contract by my attorney , he funds the project , and we start asap. NB finacier will own 60% share, and will help in marketing please, ( copper , amerthyst , sapphire. all in kenya)

  • yaj said:

    Dear Group. Hope all is well.
    If you are an investor or have a client that is looking to invest and would like to know more about Private Placement opportunity and would like to take part, please contact me on the following details.I have a Tier 1 Fed Platform in place, for small entry level investors from 1m-10m. Someone looking to fund a project, this would be a great way to achieve. Only genuine interested parties only. Thank you

  • krishna said:

    Please provide me more detail on the same and how it is used when it comes to solar lighting project in India

  • Fed-up said:

    Does anyone here know if the ‘start up’ money promised too the humanitarian project experiences delays coming into the U.S. due to federal backround checks? Its been 1.5 years & keep getting excuses about the fed’s making sure the $ is not for terrorism. This is causing the technology end to not pursue other investment options.

  • Cham said:

    This article is hugely misleading. Private placements primarily refer to the issuance of notes by institutions that are not available to the general public per se. In efect to purchase the notes which are purportedly utilised for the so called ''programs'' as a secondary market buyer you have to be a QIB, further, to purchase the instruments on a new issue basis you need to be a primary market operator, i.e a regulated entity. And yes, whilst various banks will issue privately placed notes on a reverse inquiry basis to certain investors it should suffice to say that the facility is well beyond the scope of anything the jokers on internet forums will come across.

  • Christopher Anderson said:

    I am soliciting for the firm to get interested persons to participate as broker/agent to Crystal Ventures Inc individualized equity investment portfolio management program. we present major finance companies around the world with over $3trillion private and corporate investment portfolios.

    These firms we represent have financially sound base, Excess Maximum Return Capital Profit (EMRCP)of average and ranging from 1.2% on each private and corporate portfolio under our administration.

    With this i notify that my clients wish to re-invest this fund by putting it into the management of private
    businessmen and corporations with good business ideas that can generate at least 10% ROI per annum over maximum of 5 years duration.

    More details will be provided as we proceed.

    Mr. Christopher Anderson
    Crystal Ventures Inc

  • JDUSNA said:

    Esta todavia valida tu oferta?

  • Simon said:

    Dear Alberto

    If the company you represent would still like further details on an honest Private Placement Program please feel free to email me at Global Commodities Trading has access to a number of different platforms. On receipt of the customer information sheet the trader will accept or decline the application. If successful you or your lawyers will be invited to speak with the trader in their bank to discuss the terms of the program. There are no up front fees, everything is profit related and funds do not have to leave the account.


    Simon Roberts

  • Sam Newton said:

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  • R R Kurup said:

    Dear Mr. Sam,
    I would like to explore the possibility of raising some investment in order to secure project funding through PPP. If you are in a position to lend some help in this matter, it will be appreciated. Please reply me at

    Dr. R. R. Kurup
    skype: rrkurup

  • Raj said:

    Regarding the PPP heard so many good news like yhe profit should go the Humantarian project and blah blah… but the 90 % of the world is still fighting with poverty, lack of health facility and to sum up in a word they are not getting things which they require. IF PPP EXIST THEN WHERE IS THE MONEY GONE WHY PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING. If anybody has some concret proof about PPP let me know via,

  • Leroy said:

    I am interested in knowing more about private placement program. Please email me of information and or call me at 313-465-0873.

  • Bjarne said:

    Hello Alberto.
    We are seeking funding for a green new resort in mexico and my partner is representing a solid trade platform, and we are hoping to find an investor that will fund the project thru this platform. We do not have near this kind of liquid assets (100m USD) – Any investor interested will be introduced directly to the platform – no fees – no bs. We will also offer equity in the project. Please any interested investor contact me

  • oss said:

    boaz email me at and we can help you with this.


  • Tom said:

    Hmm, found Your post at from 111 weeks ago… I guess You've already found Your answer redarding taxes – there are NONE based on humanitarian aspect of the project. Besides theese procentages are not steady as efficiency of enterprice could be structured better from the start if You deal with pure, original, not influenced by anything, way of capital trading and that's us :) Send me an email if You're interested in PCF that works immediately and profits heavily;

  • GLDYHP said:

    I am looking for a PPP trader willing and able to deal with bank of china funds (min 100m) with no B.S. and with no broker (tier 1 trader). No moving of funds. No multiple banks to make the trade happen. Proof of Fed approval required. No exceptions. Thanks.

  • Greg said:
  • Lisa said:


    to posess hard assets is very nice but it is extremely difficult to use in programs.

    The real people in the pp business do not have the time to judge or evaluate how much are your gemstones worth as they are not experts for such stone. The best will be if you know experienced business people in the gemstone business who can evaluate and give you a percentage of the estimates value in cash. The cash can be used to enter into a program.

    From time to time there are Spot programs available where you have the chance to enter with an amount of 1 M €.

    Best regards

  • Shirley Smith said:

    First Trust Capital does an excellent job for me last year and the deal with easy and successful. No advance fees except on closing.
    You may want to check them out.

    Good luck!

  • Kristina said:

    please contact me regarding your programs to secure funds privately

  • Kris said:

    I am interested in learning more about your Platform,

  • Douglas said:

    Are they trading for you?

  • Ryan James said:

    Dear Sir/Ma
    We have direct providers of Fresh Cut BG (Bank Guarantee), SBLC (Standby letter of credit) and MTN which are specifically for lease. Our bank instrument can be engaged in PPP Trading, Discounting, Signature Project(s) such as Aviation, Agriculture, Petroleum, Telecommunication, Construction of Dams, Bridges, Real Estate and all kind of projects.

    If your turn-over is good then a bank guarantee that is properly structured will be in your best interest.You can email me: for more info and assistance for a structured collateral assistance if you don't have any viable one.Best of luck!

    Thank you.
    Ryan James
    For further inquiries:

  • uhnwi said:

    There is a regulated project funding program that does not require 100-Million or more. More information can be found at in the Useful Documents page.

  • Dennis said:

    Please let know the term and condition for merchant cash loans

  • Dennis said:

    Thank you Christopher would appreciate to understand more about your funding .cos in hand are ample of project required funding.

  • Tom said:

    First of all tier 1 trader is not looking for investors on internet forums. Secondly the bank of China can not be used as the only participating bank. It has to be European bank. This is the only way these programs are structured and you will never find any other way around and of course you will never get FED approval. I am direct to, not only one, but even few tier 1 traders and that's the only way you can get in touch with the real trade which is preceded by Due Diligence process of compliance since our programs are obviously "by invitation only". Feel free to email me with any questions at ;

  • mmkoro said:

    do you have detail business plan or executive summary? if yes, pls email me at mmkoro@gmail.comjavascript: postComment(1);

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