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Tips for Face to Face Alternative Investment Meetings

alternative-investment-tips-broker-trader-fund-marketIn the alternative investment market, trust must be present in any business relationship. Though it may seem easy to locate, at times, it can be like finding a needle in a haystack.  In an era where technology rules communication, modern business is now growing more impersonal every day!

From the beginning of time until 30 years ago, business deals were done face to face.  Most made decisions with their intuition, and since there was a face for the name, trust was established. Even though face to face time was crucial for everyone, the Internet and phone have now eliminated the need for it. In modern-day business, 90% of any deal is done via phone or computer. With the alternative investment markets, the story is really no different.

Despite recent trends in the investment markets, we believe face to face meetings are invaluable. For those who agree, we’ve listed some tips to help you prepare. Whether you’re speaking with a trader, broker, or fund manager, this will help you assess the situation. From that point, you can engage or pass with a clear understanding of the opportunity. What are we waiting for? Scroll down, and take a look below.

Tips for Alternative Investment Meetings

1.  Assess Gut Feeling:  Despite what some rationalists may say, your gut feeling’s right more often than you’d think.  If you’re smart, and don’t allow your judgment to be clouded by “high yields”. You should have a good or bad sense after leaving your first face to face meeting.  Once you’ve left the meeting, assess the facts, claims, risks, rewards, and most importantly, your gut feeling.  Now, with the help of your new found intuition, it’s far easier to make the right decision.

2.  Observe Minor Details:  When you are meeting with an alternative investment broker, trader, or manager, it’s critical to evaluate a number of details.  First, ask yourself, “How did they portray themselves over the phone before meeting with me”?  Then ask yourself, “Is their body language, confidence, and overall appearance in alignment with who they claim to be”?  Since there’s been an influx of fraud in the alternative investment world, you must evaluate their personality, appearance and confidence, looking for red flags along the way. Remember, if things seem shaky at all, you may be in for a surprise in the future.

3.  Evaluate their Preparation:  If you’re investing a large amount with an alternative investment firm, the company should always come to the meeting well prepared.  During the first meeting, real firms will stress a long term relationship, going out of their way to address worst case scenario. In contrast, those with ill intent will “be there to make you feel comfortable” so you can move forward immediately.  Though scammers can prepare as well as real investment firms, remember, this can be another tool to determining the reality of the opportunity.

4.  Sense their Confidence Level:  If you’re meeting with an alternative investment professional, focus on is their confidence and tone.  If they seem overly confident and excited, they’re probably less experienced than they stated. When you first succeed, most people are anxious, excited, and overzealous since they have so many unaccomplished goals to meet.  On the other hand, once you have had steady success, your mood shifts to one of calmness and you develop a “professional arrogance”.  During any alternative investment meeting, look for subtle signs to support or alter your beliefs. Remember, everything is a sign, whether you realize it or not!

5.  Ask Blunt Questions:  When you ask unexpected or straight to the point questions, you can easily identify those with less confidence.  Though you don’t want them to think you’re crazy, always remember, it’s good to throw a few blunt questions into the conversation.  In our opinion, this is the best way to get a reliable gut feeling.  People who are guilty will always show their true color if they are caught off guard. If they slip up under pressure or don’t appear as sharp as you thought, it may be a sign to move on.

If you implement these tips, you’ll have a well-rounded viewpoint to help with your decision.  As we’ve mentioned, you should NEVER walk into a meeting with your mind made up. Throughout the meeting, there are always signs pointing to the right decision. Just stay calm, and remain observant. Though you may save time by avoiding face to face meetings, as you can see, they’re very useful. The truth is, it’s hard to get a good read on someone unless you’ve met them. If you’re working on a very important transaction, remember, face to face is the only way to go. Don’t be lazy,virtual relationships come and go but a good meeting can forge a life-long partnership…

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