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  1. Default Introduction and Cash/JV Partnerships.

    Hello Everybody,

    My name is Karna Hoskote, I am with MBGM Capital Inc, we are a finance intermediary firm in Chicago, we focus on Transaction support (pof), structured finance, financial guarantees.

    Here is our Transactional Support programs/Cash Partnerships, we are direct to both of these providers.

    This is a great solution for commodities transactions and Trade programs.

    Provider # 1


    Minimum: $50,000 to Maximum: $5B

    JV Partnerships* for your Transaction, SBLC/BG/CD Leasing, POF and a host of boutique funding services, including structured finance, asset monetization, guarantees & instruments and private placement.

    JV Partnerships* and Sources for your Transaction with a GUARANTEED EXIT!

    Here’s how it works:

    You bring the deal. We bring the cash.

    We put our cash in your transactions where there is a guaranteed exit. In other words, we never put our funds at risk. And, you shouldn't put yours at risk either.

    We are not responsible for ensuring that you have a solid deal. That is for you and your team to do. Therefore, we do no due diligence on your projects/ventures.

    *This is not a loan to you. We are not buying an equity position in your company or business. And, this is not a long term investment on our part.

    We fund transactions that are imminent (within 30 to 365 days of closing).

    If you have a transaction with an exit, then we are interested. We will bring our cash to your deal.

    Often times we only charge a couple of points (in escrow) for our cash services. In some cases we require profit participation.

    Fees are determined by our level of involvement, the instruments being used and the overall risk level of the project/venture.

    The service fee is mutually exchanged via escrow for the account and all documentation. You then have up to 72 hours to confirm our package to you. Use these 3 days to deduce that we are the partners that you want.

    We guarantee the account and the cash / instruments that accompany it. No money is exchanged until your attorney / banker verifies it to be valid.

    We can provide a MT799, MT760 or BCL and other instruments based on the project/venture.

    We have funds at several of the top 25 world banks so making cash available to you is quick and seamless.

    We are currently involved with private programs, trade, commodities, financial instruments, guarantees and placements, real estate, and entertainment projects like concerts, tours and feature films.
    To receive an accurate quote for our fees, send a one sheet stating

    length of time, amount, if the client needs a SWIFT code, what it's for, etc, with no confidential info.

    Provider #2

    Our money is available for Trade, Commodities and Financial Instruments.

    To give you an accurate quote on what we would need as far as deposit and backend profit, send a one page summary, sanitized, with no confidential info.

    If your deal is safe / sane and meets our risk profile, we will move forward and send you a proposal.

    At this time we do have a $10M minimum.

    For your safety our provider will take out an insurance policy on the deposit.

    1) Our escrow is insured up to $6M on your deposit. Far more than your deposit amount. I can send you the insurance policy, let me know.

    2) We are willing to refund your deposit when the deal reaches payout. We are not interested in the deposit; we are interested in a performing deal.

    3) We guarantee our cash, instruments and our background. We challenge you to find anything wrong with anything we deliver.

    4) We have a new stronger MT799 that may be able to help you, let me know I can send it.

    5) We now have our money on deposit at UBS, HSBC, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, HSH Nord and Clariden Leu. We most likely have cash where your transaction is taking place.

    Here are the steps:

    1) Please send me an outline of the flow of our cash through your deal so our team can analyze.

    2) When you no longer have any questions, you will request the instructions for your escrow account. You will maintain your ownership of the fee you are sending until your team releases it to us on the 4th day.

    3) When we deliver the instructions, you have 24 hours to sign.

    4) You then have another 24 hours to wire the fee.

    5) When we draw up escrow instructions, we reserve your money and stop taking offers on it. So with that in mind, if the fee is not wired within that time period, we will impose a 20% increase in the fee.

    6) What we are basically asking for is, do not ask for escrow instructions unless you no longer have any questions and you are ready to wire the fee.

    7) You will escrow the fee in an account under your control and of which we have no access to.

    8) We will provide all the items requested from step #1.

    9) When we have delivered said items, your team has three days to verify / validate.

    10) After your team has approved what we have provided…………

    11) On the fourth day, the fee you escrowed is earned by us and released to us.



    Karna Hoskote
    MBGM Capital Inc.
    221 N Marion St, 3c
    Oak Park, IL 60302
    Phone: 312-628-7366
    MGBM Capital Inc - Home

  2. Default due diligence

    so you do not risk your money but you do no due diligence on the deal you facilitate, thats the clients problem; man I'm sure you will be in business a long time, as the money lasts.......
    neither solicitation nor legal advise

  3. Default Please read the entire post.

    Quote Originally Posted by sapphirecapital View Post
    so you do not risk your money but you do no due diligence on the deal you facilitate, thats the clients problem; man I'm sure you will be in business a long time, as the money lasts.......

    Please read the entire post, it's says you (client) bring the deal and the investor brings the cash, they have been successful in their business model, they are not moving their Money or writing a check. This is not a loan.

  4. Default Update on our Program--Cash Partnership Case Study #1--closed Transaction

    Cash Partnership Case Study #1

    Client needed $264M partnership.

    The purpose for this partnership was to secure fuel and in turn re-sell the
    fuel off to their exit buyer.

    The client's seller needed to see POF (Proof of Funds) in the form of MT799 from a Top 25 Bank, in order
    to give them POP (proof of product).

    The challenge was that the client's exit buyer did not want to show POF before seeing the POP.

    So the client came to us to do a JV/Cash partner with them, so that the investor with the funds can issue a MT799 to the seller.

    In order for the JV/Cash partner to issue a MT799, the investor required 1% deposit in an escrow,
    which the client did not have, the client only had about 160K.

    In order for this deal to go through, we had to bring in a second investor who would finance most of
    that 1% deposit.

    In conclusion, we setup a cash account for 2.64M in an escrow in order to secure the MT799 for $264M from the primary investor.

    It took us 4 business days to conclude this transaction.

    (Obviously, if the client's seller or buyer does not perform, we have no control over that, we only offer
    the Cash/JV partnership).

  5. Default Financial Instrument Transaction example using our cash partnerships

    Financial Instrument Transaction

    Here is a step by step.

    1) If the required amount needed is $500M for your financial instrument contract , we would need a 1% deposit that is refunded back to you when the instrument is successfully flipped to the end buyer. Our money is currently on deposit at UBS, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and HSBC. We have over 500M Euro in each of those trading accounts. As long as the instrument is validated before payment or movement of funds, we are happy to move forward. We will go ledger to ledger as well.

    2) I will send you the escrow companies license number, $6M insurance policy and contact info.

    3) I can set up a phone meeting with escrow for you to reach the necessary comfort level and ask the necessary questions of them.

    4) When all your questions are answered, you will get your own individual account number from escrow, this you do not share with us until the appropriate time. You will send escrow a letter on your letterhead making several points 1) That this is your account and your account alone 2) That you are expecting escrow instructions from our provider and upon your approval of that document, no one has access to your escrow account. 3) That you are giving escrow permission to verbally inform us that your money is there and we need to get you your escrow instructions for our deal as partners.

    5) Escrow your 1%, authorize escrow to confirm with us that your deposit is there without sharing your account number with us.

    6) We will then draft escrow instructions for your review and approval.

    7) When both sides agree you give us your escrow account number, we add it to the escrow instructions and both parties execute.

    8) You will then have 3 days to find anything wrong with our cash or our background. If you do , you walk away with your money. We know you will not. We feel you will discover what we know, that we are the correct financial partner for your deal.

    9) When you have come to the conclusion that we are the right partner for your deal we will deliver the JV agreement.

    10) When you are satisfied with the JV Agreement, both parties will execute.

    11) Once the JV is executed and you are satisfied with our cash, reputation and the JV Agreement that defines our partnership, you will release the 1% and we start transacting on your deal.

    Karna Hoskote


  6. Default

    My name is Maet Steve,I am a ALaSKA based business man but living in New York.Actually want to expand my business from Alaska to NY.Here i am looking for a company or a person for alliance in NEW YORK.


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