If you have a real seller who “OWNS” Medium Term Notes, below please find the procedures we would be willing to follow for the purchase of Investment Grade Rated Fixed Income Securities. We want Senior Unsubordinated Investment Grade Instruments.

1) Purchase of Investment Grade Instruments (seasoned-no fresh cut), preferably MTN's or Bonds, with or without interest, denominated in EUR or Dollars. The instruments must be a genuine and direct obligation of the issuer the only condition for payment being the passage of time. No underlying structures (e.g. no CDO's, CMO's, range notes, derivatives or credit linked instruments) visible on screen (Bloomberg, Euroclear, or DTC) for verification through their bank in any amount between EUR 50 M and EUR 500 M per tranche depending on the instrument.

2) We have existing line of credit and cash in the amount of US$100 Million and up.

3) Our credit lines and cash accounts can be used for the purchase of such instruments as outlined above and subject to final approval by our security firms or our banks.

4) It is our sole intention to arrange a purchase for a reasonable priced Fixed Income Securities so we can resale through our exit sources. Depending on the instruments and the track record later developed we can increase our credit lines and increase our cash accounts to accommodate purchases up to EUR 1 Billion.

5) The only acceptable settlement is via DTC/Euroclear or pursuant to standard SWIFT protocols as arranged and agreed by their bank and the seller's bank.

6) In order to start the process we simply need the sample attached above, these are just examples of the documents of what we need to move forward. Please keep in mind these are just samples of the documents not samples of the verbiage within the documents (Please ignore the verbiage within the documents). Upon receipt of that information we can within 48 hours advise the owner that they are or are not interested in purchasing the instrument. In the event we agree to purchase, we will have our bank officer or our security officer communicate directly with the seller's bank or securities officer to commence the transaction by a means usual and customary in the banking and securities industry.
7) We would prefer to enter into a long term relationship with the seller and could purchase up to three tranches per week. However spot purchases would be welcomed.

8) Please keep in mind this description below is to vague and we can not make an educated decision based on this general information. We will only entertain the following listed documents.
For a Note you should always provide:
The best method for proceeding would be to have our lawyers at our sole expense work directly with the issuing bank in the proper creation of all such documentation.

Please provide us the following to start the transaction.
1. Provide to us the complete name, company name, corporate title, office street address, tel, fax, and email of the seller
1A. Always provide to us a copy of:
a. The issuer’s term sheet, and ( We will email you a sample of a term sheet, if needed)b. Prospectus/PPM, ( We will email you a sample of a term sheet, if needed)c. Identifier numbers, and
d. Full and complete proposed counterparty data, and
e. Account statement showing the securities in the account of the seller. ( We will email you a sample of a term sheet, if needed)

INSTRUMENTS : Medium-term, senior, cash-backed, unsubordinated bank debentures (MTN’s) subject to the Uniform Customs and Practices for Documentary Credits, ICC Publication – 400/500/600 revised.

Currency : Euros.
AGE : Fresh-Cut / New Issue.
ISSUED TERM : Ten (10) Years and One (1) Day.
COUPON RATE : Seven and One-Half Percent (7.5%) payable annually in arrears.
ISSUING BANK : top-10 WEB, as agreed.
CONTRACT FACE AMOUNT : Fifty Billion Euros (€50,000,000,000.00) of Total Face Value with rolls and extensions as agreed.
FIRST TRANCHE : 500 Million Euros (€500,000,000.00) of Total Face Value or as agreed
SUBSEQUENT TRANCHES : 500 Million Euros and up of Total Face Value daily, or as agreed; daily traunching velocity as agreed.
DENOMINATIONS : Fifty to Five Hundred Million Euros, as agreed.
INVOICE PRICE : Thirty Percent (30.0%) of Total Face Value or Better; Plus One Percent (1.0%) of Face Value for Consultancy Fees.
CONSULTANTCY FEES : One Percent (1.0%) of Total Face Value paid by Buyer with 0.5% of Face Value to Sell-Side Consultants; and 0.5 % of Face Value to Buy-Side Consultants, all as per Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Agreement and Pay Order (IMFPA).
TRANSACTING MODE : Brussels Euroclear Screen, Block and Pay, or as agreed.
PAYMENT MODE : MT-103/23, or as agreed between Buyer and Seller.
PROCEDURES : As agreed between Buyer and Seller.
DELIVERY : As agreed between Buyer and Seller.

Please contact us at newvisionindustry@yahoo.com